Ekokem is a Nordic circular economy company that provides environmental management and material efficiency services. Our mission is to save natural resources and promote the circular economy. We improve our customers’ material and energy efficiency by providing them with recycling, reutilisation, and final disposal solutions, as well as soil remediation and environmental construction services.

Since the beginning of September 2016 Ekokem is part of Fortum.

Our service areas

  • customer solutions,
  • demolition,
  • detoxification,
  • energy services,
  • environmental construction,
  • hazardous waste management,
  • industrial and commercial waste services,
  • municipal waste treatment,
  • oils and support fuels,
  • oily water treatment,
  • plastic recycling,
  • reception of industrial waste,
  • recyclable materials,          
  • soil remediation, and
  • water treatment.

Our vision

The Ekokem Group is an agile and ambitious company that promotes the circular economy and is a pioneer for change in the industry.

Our competitive strengths: the circular economy and sustainable development

  • The sustainable development megatrend creates new business opportunities for expert companies operating in the waste management sector, as diminishing resources and stricter legislation drives us towards a closed material cycle. Ekokem is at the forefront of this development.
  • Sustainable development and corporate responsibility are important in a world in which recycling and the use of renewable energy has become the norm, and someone’s waste is another’s raw material. 
  • The OECD estimates that, by 2030, the need for raw materials will double. Ekokem has identified this global trend as an opportunity. The depletion of natural resources is a megatrend that we have much to contribute to solving. Our mission, “Saving natural resources”, is more topical than ever.
  • The circular economy opens up many new business opportunities for Ekokem. It is a new economical model in which materials and value circulate, and added value is created for products through services and intelligent solutions.
  • At Ekokem, the circular economy objective means that as much of the materials as possible is directed to be recycled.